Brij Safecrete

Brij safecrete is an Acrylic Polymer which mixes with cement and provides a seamless waterproof coating to concrete and masonry surfaces. It can be used as a waterproofing or protective coating.

Product Pros and Use

  • Develops excellent bond to most building materials.
  • Can be applied in uniform thickness to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Improves mechanical & physical properties of the coating system when used in conjunction with cement.
  • Reduces or prevents salt penetration into concrete.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet light and chemicals ranging from mild acids to strong alkalis.
  • It Is highly impermeable in continual wet conditions.
  • It Is non-flammable and does not give off toxic gases, even when exposed to fire.
  • Non toxic

Brij safecrete is used for surface treatment, protecting, waterproofing, repairing concrete and masonry. It is also suitable for waterproofing of basements, toilets, terraces, roofs, swimming pools, water towers as well as general concrete repairs and protection of concrete against corrosion, salt attack and much more.

Technical Support

Brij Additives provides a technical advisory service for on-site assistance where we advise on admixture selection, evaluation, trials and dispensing equipment. Technical data and guidance can be provided for Silcrete and other products.

Method Of Application

Remove all laitance, oil, grease, mold oil, curing compound, etc. using a wire brush or for large floor areas, a scrubbing machine. Ensure that reinforcing steel is clean and free from grease or oil, remove scale and rust. When repairing damaged concrete, ensure that the exposed surface is smooth and sound.

All concrete surfaces should be thoroughly damp prior to the application of Brij safecrete coating. It can be achieved by pouring water on flat surface or by spraying water on vertical/inclined surfaces. Before the coat of Brij safecrete, please make sure that any stagnant water is removed so that surface is only damp. In no case should there be stagnant water.


Brij safecrete polymer is mixed with neat fresh cement in the ratio of 1:2 by weight. The mix has to be stirred thoroughly until smooth homogeneous slurry is obtained. Any lump in the mix should be removed or mixed thoroughly again.


The mix has to be applied by brush on rendered surfaces after its damp. Two or more coats are recommended. First coat should be allowed to air dry for 5-6 hours prior to applying a second coat.


During the first 12 hours of curing, it must be protected from abrasion, rain and other adverse conditions. No traffic shall be allowed on a Brij safecrete treated surface within 48 hours after application. After application of final coat of Brij safecrete, initial air drying must be done for 2-6 hours.

During this period no water is to be used for curing. If unusual conditions such as high temperature, low humidity and high wind condition arises, the coating must be covered with polythene sheet to avoid rapid drying of the coating. After a maximum period of 6 hours of the final application, moist curing must be done for the next 24 hours by way of spraying water on Brij safecrete coating. During this period at no point in time should the Brij safecrete coating should be left neither completely dry nor submerged in water. After the moist curing, the Brij safecrete coating can be air dried for 3 days before submersion in water if required for usage.


Brij safecrete system must be applied at temperatures between 10⁰ C to 40⁰ C. Brij safecrete should not be used without the addition of cement.

Tools and Equipment Cleaning

All tools should be clean with water immediate after use.

Shelf Life

12 months if stored under normal warehouse conditions below 35° C, in unopened, airtight containers.

Health and Safety

Brij safecrete is non-toxic, however gloves and goggles are recommended to be worn to avoid contact in sensitive areas. Any splashes to the skin or eyes should be washed off with clean water. In the event of prolonged irritation, please seek medical advice. Should use a dust mask while handing the powder.


Brij safecrete is Nonflammable.

Weather Pro+250

Weather Pro+250 Integral waterproofing liquid admixture for concrete and mortar which is used to minimise permeability and increase the waterproofing properties of concrete and cement sand mortars for critical applications like roof slabs and screeds, basements, external plastering, bathroom floors, water tanks, sumps, drains etc.

Usages and Advantage

Liquid admixture:
  • Instant and complete dispersion throughout the mix.
  • Uniform waterproofing throughout concrete matrix.
  • High efficiency: Dramatic reduction in permeability of concrete/ mortar Improved
  • workability: Improves compaction of concrete and mortar, even where harsh sands or aggregates are used.
  • Improved concrete quality: Minimises porosity and honey combing. Produces dense homogenous concrete.

Standard Compliance

Weather Pro+250 complies with IS:2645-2003.

Technical support

Brij Additives provides a technical advisory service for on-site assistance and advice on mix design, admixture selection, evaluation trials and dispensing equipment.

Health and Safety Instructions

Weather Pro+250 does not fall into the hazard classifications of current regulations. However, it should not be swallowed or allowed to come into contact with skin and eyes. Suitable protective gloves and goggles should be worn. Splashes on the skin should be removed with water. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately – do not induce vomiting. For further information consult the Material Safety Data sheet available for this product.


Weather Pro+250 is water based and nonflammable.

Cleaning and Disposal

Spillages of Weather Pro+250 should be absorbed onto sand, earth or vermiculite and transferred to suitable containers. Remnants or vermiculite are transferred to suitable containers. Remnants should be hosed down with large quantities of water. The disposal of excess or waste material should be carried out in accordance with local legislation under the guidance of the local waste regulatory authority.

Features & Benefits

  • Better Dampness Prevention
  • Enhance concrete strength
  • Denser concrete
  • Better prevention from rusting
  • Reduces water cement ration
  • Easy-to-mix
  • Higher durability